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Key Personal Strengths

  • Over 15 years experience working in the grazing industry.

  • Detailed knowledge of the grazing industry and supply chain including management experience.

  • Experienced extension officer with skills in grazing land management, ecosystem processes, best management practices, risk management and animal production.

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

  • Extensive experience engaging and communicating with stakeholders, clients and consumer audiences.


  • An outcome focused professional with an in-depth understanding of the beef industry, natural resource management, and project management.

  • Active in the beef industry including positions on national boards and local committees. Industry recognized emerging leader with multiple award honors and nominations.

  • Capable and resourceful, with a problem solving approach to tailor solutions for mutually beneficial outcomes. Excellent attention to detail and follow-through on all projects.

Professional Background

Dedicated & Experienced

Business Development

  • Financial management and reporting

  • Develop and implement standard operating procedures

  • Develop and implement performance and management strategies

  • Risk management

  • Develop and implement marketing strategies for seed stock and terminal livesetock as well as general branding

  • Develop, capture and maintain accurate livestock record keeping through the advanced use of Practical Systems Stockbook program

  • Collect and analyse DNA for parent verification, genetic conditions and genetic performance

  • Capture and analyse animal performance data from conception to carcass

  • Manage seed stock records and registrations through Australian Wagyu Association

  • Provide ongoing support and record keeping assistance to clients

  • Identify and develop business improvement and expansion opportunities

Project Management

  • Operations manager of the Grazing Best Management Practice (BMP) Program delivered Queensland wide

  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with stakeholders

  • Develop and implement project performance and management strategies

  • Financial management and reporting

  • Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement

  • Risk management

  • Train and mentor junior staff

  • Staff supervision

Grazing Land Management and Extension

  • Provide high level grazing extension support to landholders and field staff

  • Assist landholders with the development of on-ground funding applications

  • Develop and deliver training packages to the regions graziers and extension staff

  • Develop and implement grazing programs

  • Develop and implement project performance and management strategies 

  • Provide technical input to projects and programs

  • Assess and approve landholder on-ground funding applications

  • Trained presenter of QDAF StockTake program

Station Operations

  • Animal husbandry management and practices

  • Property management planning

  • Property maintenance including the use of handheld tools and electrical equipment

  • Machinery operation and maintenance

  • Sale and purchase of livestock

  • Forage budgeting and monitoring

  • Supervise inexperienced workers

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