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Livestock Data Recording and Analysis

B R Rural Business can implement and manage your electronic livestock data recording system. I have knowledge of and access to the leading data management systems, including Stockbook, HerdMaster and APS. I am also experienced in BREEDPlan and can prepare your data for submission direct or through your Breed Society.

I understand that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution; that is why I work closely with you to really understand how you operate; what you are trying to achieve in your enterprise; and how your data can accomplish this for you. From there I tailor a management solution specifically for your business.

Data is pointless if it is not used to benchmark or improve your management, and livestock data is no exception. I can analyse your data and provide a comprehensive overview of your herd performance. I can also provide guidance and recommendations for improvement based on my experience as a beef producer and grazing extension officer; with an aim for continuous improvement by controlling the controllable and preparing for the rest.

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your livestock data records long term; provide support or training to someone in your team; or simply get you started on your journey; B R Rural Business has you covered.

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