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  • Do you come to the yards and record our weights, treatments etc?"
    I can and I’d love to, but it may not be the most economically viable option for you. If you use Stockbook, HerdMaster or APS I can setup templates that you or your station staff can easily use to capture data crush side, syncing it back to me when next in Wi-Fi. If you don’t use one of these programs that’s fine too, simply export your NLIS reader or scale indicator session and email it to me. If all else fails I can create a spreadsheet for you to print out and hand write, posting or scanning it back to me when the job is done.
  • I’m not great with computers – will this be a problem?
    NO! That’s what you have me for – I will work with you until you are comfortable completing the basic functions. If all else fails, if I can read your handwriting, I can do the rest and we’ll be fine 😊
  • PIC Reconciliation? What PIC Reconciliation? My NLIS database is a mess! Can you help?
    YES! I can help you reconcile your NLIS database ready for an audit, to apply for market access, or just because you should!
  • How do you access my society information?
    If your breed society uses a portal, you can add me as a user! All transactions that I complete remain pending until you approve them (payment of transaction fee is usually considered approval). For all other breed societies, it’s a simple as providing them with an email authorising B R Rural Business to act on your behalf. I can draft this email for you.
  • I’m not based in Queensland – does that matter?
    NO! I have clients all over Australia and I work just as closely with them as I do with the clients in my own back yard. I am not familiar with legislation requirements in other states so may not be the best person to call upon in that regard, but when it comes to livestock and marketing, I’m your girl.
  • How do you access my data?
    I have an agreement with Practical Systems (Stockbook) that allows my clients to add me to their account without being charged for an additional user. I have similar agreements with HerdMaster and Gallagher (APS). These programs are excellent because they are cloud based and we all work off the same dataset. If you don’t use a program or it’s not cloud based, I will work with you to establish a file sharing method such as email, Dropbox, or TEAMS, that works for both of us.
  • Do I have to sit with you while you map our property?
    NO! You’re more than welcome to, but I know your time is valuable so it’s not necessary. It does help to have a guide to work from, even if its hand drawn on a piece of notepaper – something to tell me how many paddocks I’m looking for and roughly where the water points may be located in each paddock. This is not essential though, as I have been working with satellite imagery for over a decade and have practical on ground experience managing properties. Combined, these skills allow me to interpret and map most property infrastructure from imagery alone! Once I’ve got the base down it’s a matter of refining the map which can be easily done over email.
  • Do you come to my office and do my bookwork?
    I can and I’d love to, but it may not be the most economically viable option for you. I am setup to work remotely and have clients all over Australia. If you have internet, we’ll be fine. I will work with you to establish a system that you’re comfortable with and that works for both of us, and I will support you every step of the way.
  • I am being audited for LPA – can you help me prepare for this?
    YES! I have been through these many times. I can work through the LPA audit checklist with you; ensuring you have the right records and/or templates that the auditor will want to see.
  • Couldn’t I do this myself?
    YES! But do you enjoy it? Are you efficient at it? Is your time best served somewhere else? You don’t need me… but I can make your life easier by doing what I do best; allowing you to get back to what YOU do best.
  • Do you come to the yards and collect DNA samples?
    I can and I’d love to, but it may not be the most economically viable option for you. If you post me your DNA samples and I can submit the paperwork with the samples from there. I find tissue samples the most efficient and effective and recommend you order the TSU/NLIS combination to reduce human error. If you are pulling hair, simply place each hair sample in a clearly marked envelope. DO NOT PLACE SAMPLES TOGETHER! I have hair sample cards in stock and will transfer your hairs from their envelope to the card to meet laboratory requirements.
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