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Professional Background

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Key Personal Strengths

  1. Over 15 years experience working in the grazing industry.

  2. Detailed knowledge of the grazing industry and supply chain including management experience.

  3. Experienced extension officer with skills in grazing land management, ecosystem processes, best management practices, risk management and animal production.

  4. Excellent communication and presentation skills.

  5. Extensive experience engaging and communicating with stakeholders, clients and consumer audiences.



  1. An outcome focused professional with an in-depth understanding of the beef industry, natural resource management, and project management.

  2. Active in the beef industry including positions on national boards and local committees. Industry recognized emerging leader with multiple award honors and nominations.

  3. Capable and resourceful, with a problem solving approach to tailor solutions for mutually beneficial outcomes. Excellent attention to detail and follow-through on all projects.

Business Development

  1. Financial management and reporting

  2. Develop and implement standard operating procedures

  3. Develop and implement performance and management strategies

  4. Risk management

  5. Develop and implement marketing strategies for seed stock and terminal livesetock as well as general branding

  6. Develop, capture and maintain accurate livestock record keeping through the advanced use of Practical Systems Stockbook program

  7. Collect and analyse DNA for parent verification, genetic conditions and genetic performance

  8. Capture and analyse animal performance data from conception to carcass

  9. Manage seed stock records and registrations through Australian Wagyu Association

  10. Provide ongoing support and record keeping assistance to clients

  11. Identify and develop business improvement and expansion opportunities.


Project Management

  1. Operations manager of the Grazing Best Management Practice (BMP) Program delivered Queensland wide

  2. Develop and maintain effective relationships with stakeholders

  3. Develop and implement project performance and management strategies

  4. Financial management and reporting

  5. Monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement

  6. Risk management

  7. Train and mentor junior staff

  8. Staff supervision

Grazing Land Management

  1. ​Provide high level grazing extension support to landholders and field staff

  2. Assist landholders with the development of on-ground funding applications

  3. Develop and deliver training packages to the regions graziers and extension staff

  4. Develop and implement grazing programs

  5. Develop and implement project performance and management strategies 

  6. Provide technical input to projects and programs

  7. Assess and approve landholder on-ground funding applications

  8. Trained presenter of QDAF StockTake program

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Station Operations

  1. Animal husbandry management and practices

  2. Property management planning

  3. Property maintenance including the use of handheld tools and electrical equipment

  4. Machinery operation and maintenance

  5. Sale and purchase of livestock

  6. Forage budgeting and monitoring

  7. Supervise inexperienced workers

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