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Breed Societies, BREEDPlan and DNA

Breeding quality livestock should not take more paperwork than breed knowledge. I am experienced with the requirements of all the major breed societies and can manage all your livestock registration requirements including transfers and deaths. I can also prepare your data for submission to BREEDPlan, contributing to your genetic dataset and improving your EBV accuracy.

DNA is also becoming increasingly important in the seedstock world, with many societies adopting at least Sire verification as a minimum requirement for registered animals. Poorly prepared samples or incorrect paperwork can prolong your results by weeks! Send your tissue or hair samples to me and I will take care of the rest. I have relationships with all the major laboratories and know what they need to start working on your samples immediately. Samples can be submitted through your Breed Society or direct to the laboratory.

For users of Stockbook, HerdMaster or APS, I will update your animal records with DNA results and registration information. Alternatively, I can establish a functional, easy to use Microsoft Excel database to maintain your records.


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