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B R Rural Business

B R Rural Business can implement and manage your electronic livestock data recording system. I have knowledge of and access to the leading data management systems, including Stockbook, HerdMaster and APS. I am also experienced in BREEDPlan and can prepare your data for submission direct or through your Breed Society.

I understand that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution; that is why I work closely with you to really understand how you operate; what you are trying to achieve in your enterprise; and how your data can accomplish this for you. From there I tailor a management solution specifically for your business.

Data is pointless if it is not used to benchmark or improve your management, and livestock data is no exception. I can analyse your data and provide a comprehensive overview of your herd performance. I can also provide guidance and recommendations for improvement based on my experience as a beef producer and grazing extension officer; with an aim for continuous improvement by controlling the controllable and preparing for the rest.

Whether you are looking for someone to manage your livestock data records long term; provide support or training to someone in your team; or simply get you started on your journey; B R Rural Business has you covered.

Livestock Data
Recording and Analysis


Breeding quality livestock should not take more paperwork than breed knowledge. I am experienced with the requirements of all the major breed societies and can manage all your livestock registration requirements including transfers and deaths. I can also prepare your data for submission to BREEDPlan, contributing to your genetic dataset and improving your EBV accuracy.

DNA is also becoming increasingly important in the seedstock world, with many societies adopting at least Sire verification as a minimum requirement for registered animals. Poorly prepared samples or incorrect paperwork can prolong your results by weeks! Send your tissue or hair samples to me and I will take care of the rest. I have relationships with all the major laboratories and know what they need to start working on your samples immediately. Samples can be submitted through your Breed Society or direct to the laboratory.

For users of Stockbook, HerdMaster or APS, I will update your animal records with DNA results and registration information. Alternatively, I can establish a functional, easy to use Microsoft Excel database to maintain your records.

Breed Societies,


Audit Ready

They say it is not a matter of if, but when you will be audited for compliance. Whether it is LPA, NLIS or a market-based incentive program; you will be called upon to prove your management practices at some stage. Avoid the stress of digging through old notebooks or files and let us set you up to be proactive with your record keeping requirements. B R Rural Business believe in capturing and recording what you do in a manner that is simple, easy to use, and useful to your business; not ticking boxes for audit’s sake.


PIC reconciliations can be an onerous task and is one that is required for all market-access programs. With experience in the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database since its inception I can help you navigate this process, or do it for you, on an as needed or annual basis (recommended).


Looking to enter a market program such as EU, PCAS or Organic? There are many market programs available to producers in Australia and they can have substantial benefit to your bottom line; but they all come with paperwork and compliance obligations. Let me help you meet these requirements so you can start enjoying the added advantages of selling a market certified product.

Compliance and
Market Access


100728 Albeni 015_edited.jpg

As an experienced Grazing Land Management specialist, I can guide you on managing and maximising your land resource. You cannot make more land, but you can expand your usage of it in a sustainable way by knowing your land condition; long-term carrying capacity; balancing supply and demand; and effective infrastructure planning. I will come onsite or use remote sensing tools readily available to help your land work smarter, not harder.

Property Management Planning



Property maps are the simplest and most important tool for property planning. I use State Government overlays over a Google Earth base, so you have the layers and features you need to make sound decisions, with the most recent satellite imagery. I have been looking at satellite imagery for years and with practical skills on ground, I am able to interpret and map most property features by imagery alone! So, if you cannot put your hands on that old hand drawn map you always used, or you lost your shape files when your computer crashed that’s ok, I can build a solid base from imagery, and we can go from there. I can also arrange printing and laminating of your new map so you can hang it on the wall or provide your team and contractors with a copy!

Property Mapping



Things happen and changes need to be made but keeping up with legislation can be confusing and time consuming before you even start an application. Property owners may be subjected to legislation including Vegetation Management, Reef Regulation, Overland Flow, Development… the list goes on! I do not profess to know ins and outs of all of them, but I am experienced in applications and have skilled connections to make the job easier. Whether it be a PMAV change or an Offset proposal, I can manage the application process from beginning to end, keeping you informed every step of the way.

QLD Government Legislation


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From an online presence to printed materials, I have your marketing needs covered. I understand the design trends in the industry, what your customers are looking for in the digital world, and what information is important to convey. I can provide graphic design for logos and advertising; social media management; website development and design; and even printed signage and promotional products (through B R Rural Branding).

Marketing and Advertising




We live in a digital world with online selling platforms quickly becoming the norm, but one thing that has remained a mainstay in the industry is the sale catalogue. These too are now increasingly offered online rather than print, but their layout and content has stayed the same. Let me design and compile your next catalogue, conveying the image of your business you want to portray. I can provide experienced guidance and recommendations on content and layout; source lot details direct from the breed society including pedigree and EBV’s etc.; host an online version for you to share; and arrange printed hard copies.

If you would like to take it a step further, I can design your advertising assets for digital and printed media; manage your social media channels for the period leading up to your sale; and design and print signage and promotional items (through B R Rural Branding) to rival your Agent’s on sale day or stand out from the other vendors.

I have complete packages for single and multi-vendor sales, but bookings are essential as the Spring selling season books up fast.

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